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RACELAB is our proprietary technology that provides highly accurate comparisons of performances across races, years and countries. Historical performance race data is analysed through advanced technologies and is transformed into globally standardised performance measures.

Powerful insights are applied including speed dynamics, track ratings, strength of the race and sophisticated insights into the effect of handicap weight on performance. Building on the foundation of accurately assessing performance, sophisticated predictive analytics are then applied to look at a horse’s future performance potential.


RACELAB Bloodstock’s ethos is founded on continual improvement.

Dna Strain

Exploratory work is underway with specialist equine geneticists to investigate the potential for collaborative enhancements of our technologies.

Utilising statistical tools successfully deployed in other livestock industries, customised quantitative measures of a horse’s genetic quality have been developed. Advanced studies are underway to enhance the accuracy of the index, including understanding the impact of parental aging on offspring performance and the extent genes influence the maternal environment.

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Bespoke Services

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Current customised services include:


RACELAB Bloodstock’s technology proposes to challenge the traditional presentation of pedigree data, performance measurement, decision-making methodologies and risk management strategies.

Vitruvian Horse

The ‘Vitruvian Horse’ – Scaled Conformation Digitisation.

Da Vinci’s famous sketch of the Vitruvian man was based on the correlations of ideal human body proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius.

In the quest to identify athletic potential, RACELAB Bloodstock is exploring technologies to digitally capture and quantitatively analyse conformation to develop new insight into performance potential.

Our Team

Shane R Clarke

Shane is founder of the company and is responsible for RACELAB’s trading operations, as well IP/software development and integration. Shane has vast global wagering industry experience as well as specialized technology development in the realm, having guided several successful racing-trading businesses in Australia, the UK and the Americas over the past 20 years. He has also been involved as a successful racehorse owner in Australia, England and USA.

Murray Bell

Murray is Joint Founder of the company and responsible for the RACELAB’s Racing Performance Management System. Murray’s racing experience is vast, having celebrated 45 years in the business in 2018. He is a globally recognized racing journalist, in print, radio, television and Internet media, most recently as editor at the South China Morning Post in HK from 2003-09. He is also a renowned yearling buyer, having bought more than 100 individual winners through the sales ring, including 28 stakes horses, highlighted by five Group 1 winners.

Dr Eliot Forbes

Eliot is widely recognised for his CEO roles in delivering financial turnarounds for the state racing industries in Queensland and Tasmania. He has worked previously for the Emirates Racing Authority, the Macau Jockey Club and the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club. In addition to his veterinary background, he has broad operational and corporate experience and has been involved in innovative, sectional timing technology projects.

Mathew Becker

Mathew is the Managing Director of Group 1 Thoroughbreds Pty. Ltd. In addition to growing up on a thoroughbred stud farm, his industry experience includes working at HH The Aga Khan’s Gilltown Stud in Ireland, Emirates Park Victoria and with successful Victorian trainer Pat Carey and Hall of Fame handler John Hawkes. Mathew’s company provides advice on acquisitions, valuations, private sales, racehorse management, mating advice and portfolio management.

Michele Fischer

Michele consults to a range of racing organisations, including the Hong Kong Jockey Club and RACELAB, through her Darting Star Company. Previously, she spent 15 years at Sportech, where she was Vice President of Sales and Business Development working with nearly sixty racetracks and off-track/internet sites. She is also an adjunct professor in the University of Louisville Equine Program.